Psychic Reading Options

Through the use of my Psychic – Clairvoyant mediumship abilities I am able to pierce the veil that separates us here on Earth from the Higher Forces which seek to guide and assist us. I am able to ‘See and Hear’ into the these Higher Spheres and then Interpret the Visions, Messages and Inspiration I receive on your behalf often offering new Spiritual meaning and constructive guidance and direction for you on your life’s  journey. 

If you have you reached a point in your life where you are uncertain what to do next, then a Reading can help you decide by allowing you a look at the opportunities which lie ahead.
I offer you the following types of Psychic Readings:

Personal One on One Reading:
With this reading I will arrange a time to meet with you at my home where you will receive a reading  in which I will share with you all that I receive on your behalf. This reading can be recorded for you and sent as an Audio file by email if you wish. Up to 60 minutes

Cost: $85
Order an In Person Reading: Click Here

Audio Reading by Email:
In this reading you send me a Picture of yourself along with your Full Name. With this I am able to ‘tune in’ to your vibration and can therefore share with you the guidance which comes forth.
You can send me upto 4 Questions but I can’t guarantee that they will be answered. Those in the higher spheres often give guidance according to what they think we need to know rather than what we would like to know so my advice is keep an open mind when seeking a reading. I will record the reading and send you the Audio file by email.

Cost: $85
Order a Reading by Email: Click Here