Giving readings is something I have done since I was a teenager I couldn’t visit my grandparents without them saying “what can you see for me”.  Over the years I have been given many visions also and to my own regret never took much note of them and did not write them down.

In the 1980’s when still quite young I informed my father that the share market was going to crash and that his shares would be worthless, he scoffed at me as a parent would a silly child, within a week the market crashed and he lost many thousands of dollars.
In recent times I have seen many events unfold in my visions and feel it is now time to start writing them down for all to read.  My visions can come in dream form or play out in my minds eye almost like watching a movie, one example I will give you was a dream I had back in 1997 this dream however was so powerful and clear I actually wrote it down and as time went by forgot about it.
A few years passed after having that dream in which time I fell in love and married a wonderful man from the United States of America he lived in the north east of the State known as Ohio.  In the year 2000 I moved over to his home town where I lived for five years becoming a resident of the USA, my possessions were placed in storage for the day I would return.  On September 11 2001 the world awoke to the horrific and terrifying events that took place in America, I myself watched it as it unfolded on the news I turned on the television in time to see the second plane crash into the towers and watched in horror as the buildings collapsed. These events will be with me always and even now it seems like only yesterday. A few more years passed and in 2005 I returned to New Zealand I found a place to live and retrieved the things I had placed in storage, one being an old trunk filled with photographs and a Notebook which contained poems I had written and the dream that had been so real to me. This is what I wrote:

18th June 1997
A plane crashes into a city, feels like I am close by I watch as one sky scraper after the other implodes and falls to the ground (looks like New York) thousands killed.
At the time of this dream I really thought it must have been symbolic mainly because I never imagined myself in the USA it goes to show you never know where life is going to take you.
In the past 12 months I have had many more visions each one coming to pass relatively quickly these include visions of the Haiti quake, a tidal wave, and many other of the world events that have recently taken place,  

On the 29th August 2010  I received a vision of Mother Mary, she plunged a sword into the earth and the ground started to shake with this I received the words, `IT BEGINS’. I told my family I felt there would be an earthquake and then prepared my home for such an event taking down ornaments and breakables, it was but a few days before the 7.1 mag. quake hit Christchurch on the 4th September 2010 at 4.30 am.  I was awakened in the night to my home twisting and shaking, this is why I now feel it is time to document what I see.
Change is upon us I feel there is much to come many events in a relatively short space of time, as I am shown so will I write and update my website.

11th March 2011: `Christchurch’
I have had many come to me and ask that burning question, is the worst over for Christchurch?
I myself grew up in beautiful Christchurch and despair at the sight of our beautiful Cathedral in ruins, my heart cries for those who have lost loved ones and homes.
When it is so close to home I am torn about what to disclose on what I have seen.
There are those who have stepped forward and told of their predictions only to be ridiculed and accused of scare mongering, I give as an example the `moon man’ who you have all heard of by now. My advice is not to judge too quickly, these people are not trying to frighten you, they are offering you a chance to prepare for what lies ahead, the dates given may not be exact but we should take heed of the warnings.
I will finish by saying all I have seen has not yet come to pass and the best advice I can give is to keep your cupboards stocked, a good supply of water and your cars fueled up.

20th November 2010  `Massive Sun Storm’
This vision was very unusual I will try to write it exactly as I saw it.
I was watching the sun as if through a telescope, coming from the sun were huge solar flares or eruptions, there was a graph or grid placed in front of the image showing the distance from the sun that the flares were reaching. I sat and watched in amazement as the eruptions surpassed the graph being that they were so massive, like nothing ever seen or recorded before in earth’s history. CATASTROPHIC!

11th November 2010
Eiffel tower, (France)  fire falling from sky, explosion, chaos , Fast moving trains?

My most recent vision on the 29th October 2010 is of a volcano, first I was shown it puffing smoke as if trying to clear its throat, and then I saw what looked to be a huge wave of lava; there were people running and screaming with no escape. The explosion is massive and catastrophic.