Life after Life

Let us start with Life after Life, for there is no death, when we pass we do not even skip a breath.

From what I have seen, felt, come to understand , and fully believe,  we are born onto this earth plane to learn and to grow.

For it is our experiences here that shape us into who we are,

change just one thing in your life and you change so much, even the terrible or tragic events play a role, perhaps the biggest role of all.

Understanding of suffering cannot come from books, only experience gives us true understanding.


I explain it to people in this way, being incarnated onto the earth plane is like going away to school, we have many lessons in so many ways and the only way to experience these things is here on this plane.

Once we have learned what it is we have come for we graduate and depart, passover, we go home.

We have all had many incarnations and will have many more, for there is much to learn.

I do not believe we come back as animals only as human beings, but on saying that animals too come back time after time for the same purpose, to evolve.

That is one of our roles, for it is our love that helps the animals on their journey.

It is not important who you were in a past life, what is important is who you are now.

Love and understanding is the key to all, we are Gods children and God is love, we must become like the Father for our suffering and the suffering of the animals to end.

Love unconditionally all life, understand we are all connected, we are one.